Takahashi Ai Alo-Hello 2 Announced UPDATE

14 04 2009


So looks like Takahashi is following in Niigaki’s footsteps and getting an Alo-Hello 2 DVD on June 03. She is one of those members who has a lot of releases (apart from Ishikawa Rika, who had a lot of PB’s), but it’s great they are giving her a DVD too. I hope it’s like Niigaki’s Alo-Hello 2, which had a lot of fun stuff in the previews and had a good amount of promotion (haven’t seen it though, I’ll see it later to give a review).

The PB will also be great, she always was one of the best looking and cute Musume’s so I bet she won’t dissapoint. The DVD description says that she will be learning english doing other stuff as a Hawaiian female student, and ther are plenty of bikini shots as well, which is common in all Alo-Hello releases.

Let’s hope Takahashi gets good promotion, she really deserves it now that she is the leader of both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Good Luck Takahashi!

NeoWing (DVD and PB confirmation)

E-hon (DVD confirmation)

UPDATE: Watashi, the title of her new PB, it’s not that impressive but nowadays what PB title isn’t (for example Yajima’s PB, 17). Also another thing I hadn’t noticed, this is her 10th PB, a first in Hello! Project history, so congratulations Takahashi, you just broke an H!P record. The PB is out May 25, so be sure to reserve your copy, here is the link to the official H!P page with all of her PB’s, if you don’t believe me about the 10 PB’s, check it out for yourself, it’s a great accomplishment and I hope to see more, congratulations again Takahashi!


Buono – MY BOY PV Preview

14 04 2009

A 30 second PV preview has popped up on the H!P fan forums, so following the trend that almost always happens the full PV will probably be released tomorrow or sometime this week, while we wait we might as well enjoy the 30 seconds. The PV is great, a really big step forward from the previous PV “co*no*mi*chi”, this time they do something that is not walking in front of a green screen.

The PV has them in a secret mission in a castle, what “My Boy” has to do with a castle, I don’t know, but what I do know is that secret spies don’t get all giddy and start high fiving when they see their spy partners, but it’s Buono so I guess it’s not that important, and it’s kind of cute. Anyway the costumes are great, if you want to have a better look here is a scan from a magazine (nouciel @ Buono thread on H!O scanned it):


This time the dance is better than expected, and we get to see some close, close-ups while they are posing in between dancing. A great thing they are doing now is actually having more than 3 shots in a PV, this time they are dancing and in a secret mission, with many various shots in between. Keep up the good work Hello! Project, the full PV, like stated before, will probably be released this week, if not tomorrow, so here is the preview/commercial to enjoy meanwhile:

H!P Releases April 15

14 04 2009


  • C-ute – Bye Bye Bye! (Single)
  • C-ute – Bye Bye Bye! (Single+DVD) (Limited Edition)
  • Hello! Project – Winter 2009 HaroPro Award 09 Elder Club Graduation special concert DVD (DVD)

Three releases today, a single+ its limited version, and the long awaited Graduation DVD from the Elder Club, so let’s start!

Cute – Bye Bye Bye!, a lively song with a slight 80’s feel to it and C-ute’s 8th single (not including the indies releases), the single does not include Kanna Arihara because of an operation she had to underwent, which also caused her absence from the tour for the single (sounds all professional right?). The song is great, although it features an overload of Yajima and Airi, with some Mai, I would have liked to see more fair distribution of the lyrics, but maybe next single.

The PV for the single was a slight disappointment, the choreography was very dull and simple (the sign in the background has better choreography), the one good thing is that it will be easier for wotas to memorize the dance for the concerts. I would have liked to see some more effort, but maybe next single we will get a better PV, they are really stepping up by adding more scenes and making a real effort. I would recommend this single for all Hello! Project fans, it is a great release and I really think that they just needed a better PV with better choreography.

Winter 2009 HaroPro Award 09 Elder Club Graduation special concert DVD, this is a big release for many fans because of the quantity of people who graduated, the biggest in Hello!Project history (up to now). I wouldn’t say I am particularly excited for this release because I became a fan during the younger generations (sometime during JunJun and LinLin’s first years, more specifically November 2007), not during the golden age like many fans on the forums and fan sites.

The DVD features the Elder Club, which is almost all of Hello! Project who made it into what it is today, and their graduation from the label Hello! Project to remove the idol status they had (and to not drag them down and keep them active). The concert featured them singing a lot of the songs that are classics, such as Love Machine, Yeah! Meccha Holiday, and All For One and One For All, which was also the closing song for the concert.

I would recommend it for all of the fans of both the younger and older generations, mainly because they could see everyone together for the last time on stage, and because the classic songs many of us know and love are sung by the original generations (except Goto Maki, Kago Ai, and some few others, for obvious reasons).

It was a particularly good day of releases, next release will be of the Single V for C-ute’s new single, Bye Bye Bye, so please look forward to it.

Yajima Maimi – “17” PB Cover Released

14 04 2009


The cover has been out for a while now, and it screams one word – simplicity. It seems that the covers for recent releases from Hello! Project have been extremely simple (Shouganai Yume Oibito for example), I wouldn’t be surprised if the cover of Seishun Bus Guide has the girls aligned in a yearbook style photo. This cover is good, simple but good, although I would have liked some more complexity in the background instead of a blackout scene. Yajima looks great as always, the serious face she has could mean that now that she is 17 she will try and be more mature, although it could also mean that she is bored over the idea of the cover.

The PB comes out on April 29 with the DVD (the one with the yearbook cover), so if you’re a Maimi fan be sure to have it reserved. She is one of the popular members of  Hello! Project, which means that she will sell really well during her first week. Let’s hope that the PB is more interesting than the cover (which will most likely be true), good luck on your first week sales Yajima.

Yaguchi Mari Becomes A Columnist For Famitsu

14 04 2009


“Yaguchi will now be writing a “blog-like” column in Famitsu, one of the most respected video game magazines in Japan and the world. She will be talking about how girls are also passionate gamers. the column will also feature photos of Yaguchi.”

Source: neshcom @ mm-bbs

Anyone who has visited Yaguchi’s blog knows that she has a certain like for videogames, so it’s not much of a surprise that she would do something related to that in the near future. Well it just happened, Yaguchi is now a columnist for one of the world’s most respected magazines, which means that we will soon be able to enjoy Yaguchi’s thoughts on paper as well as online.

I can’t really imagine what she can write about girls being passionate over videogames, but she always comes up with something interesting to write about, so I will make sure to  look out for the column when it comes out.

Everyone who reads Famitsu and is a Yaguchi fan make sure to look out for her column on May 1st (the column will be titled “I’m a Gamer“), it will most likely be an interesting read.

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