Kago Ai – NO HESITATION Preview

13 04 2009

Just a day after Amazon confirms her newest single we get a slight preview of the song, and to say it simply the song is great, but Kago’s singing is somewhat lacking. There is one thing I liked from the song and that is that she wrote the lyrics (Nakanishi Keizou did the music, but I have no idea who he is), which is good for her because she looks like she is trying hard to make her comeback.

The song is catchy and it has a good rhythm to it, I hope that they improve her singing a bit though, it sounded like she needs to warm up to singing a bit before the release. She probably was nervous about performing so that might be the cause of the slightly off voice. I hope we get a radio rip of the full song sometime soon, 40 seconds is not really that long to get a good opinion about a song, and much less when the preview is a live recording.

I found out that the label “Intercept” is home to Dance☆Man, which isn’t much help because he is not doing anything with Kago, although Kago fans can hope for something in the future, it may happen. It’s a good thing that “Intercept” is not an unknown label, this might mean that we will see a good release.  Let’s hope that we get a PV soon, meanwhile please enjoy the 40 seconds of Kago singing: