Mano Erina – Hajimete no Keiken PV Preview

5 04 2009

A PV preview was just released some time ago for Mano Erina’s newest single “Hajimete no Keiken”. It is a complete change from the last PV because of two things, their is more happiness in the song and PV, and because she has her own backup dancers, 6 total. For this PV they used 6 H!P Eggs: Fukuda Kanon, Komine Momoka, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Sekine Azusa and Ogawa Saki.

For some reason Yuuka is everywhere, Fukuda Kanon also, they seem to be the most active, Kanon more because she is in a movie with Yajima and she is set to have a major debut with Yuuka, Wada and Ogawa Saki in a unit (for some reason the 4 eggs that are having the unit are there, probably to get the H!P fans used to them). I’m glad that Tsunku is using the H!P eggs more, and I really hope that there is more tie in with the major acts in H!P.

Ok, about the PV preview, it is really happy, and like always Mano is there with her piano, but this time it’s a white keyboard and she is standing up. Also there is choreography, something which Mano hasn’t done in a PV since Ongaku Gatas, generally the only choreography we saw was her walking around, I’m glad H!P changed this. The PV will probably be released next week so keep your eyes on this blog, I’ll update when it is released (and as soon as I can). Meanwhile enjoy the 15 second preview, not much but it’s a start:

Abe Natsumi To Act In A Play

5 04 2009


Apparently Nacchi is set to act in a famous play, “The Threepenny Opera“, here is the wikipedia entry on the play:

“The Threepenny Opera (German: Die Dreigroschenoper) is a musical by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht and composer Kurt Weill. It was adapted from an 18th-century English ballad opera, John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, and offers a Marxist critique of the capitalist world.” (Wikipedia)

I’m not sure what part she is playing, although there is a picture of her in character:


For some reason the picture reminds me of Beetlejuice…

Anyway she also did an interview with (click to go to original article in Japanese) and it was translated (click to go to translation, it’s a H!O forum post) by “Wow!!!!!” over at H!O. The article talks about her and the play, she states that she was somewhat restricted to the idol image, and that now she will try to act like herself. It’s an interesting read for Nacchi fans so if you’re interested take a look at the translation.


Ghost Nacchi (This is the character photo in the pamphlet, at least I guess it is)

The play is going from April 5 – 29 at the Bunkamura, so if you’re in the neighborhood drop in and support Nacchi, I heard there’s a kiss scene also (quick kiss, no deep kiss according to some fans), so that might be worth checking out.