Buono – MY BOY Preview

3 04 2009

So with a new opening for an anime we have a new ending too, this time Buono’s new single “MY BOY”. When you first hear it you really just can’t believe what you are hearing, it is fast….really fast, and loud….really loud. It has a Jrock feel to it (somewhat reminds me of Gachinkou de Ikou accelerated), which is really great. It sounds like something you would hear in a punk or metal concert, not in an ending to an anime meant for little girls, which really makes it more interesting to hear.

I will definitely be looking forward to the PV of this song, but I can’t help but wonder what it will look like…. Will Momoko be rocking out with a guitar? Will Suzuki be body surfing the crowd?  Will Miyabi be doing death grunts? (I know it sounds exaggerated but it kind of sounds like they will get into the feeling of the song in a live performance). Well, we will have to wait for the official PV release in the coming weeks or days (hopefully). The costumes will probably be Jrock like also, I can’t imagine them using dresses in this single, and they will probably have some sort of band in the background of the PV, much like Gachinkou de Ikou.

This release sounds different compared to the others, (Tsunku really changed the image right?) and I’m glad to see the synthesizer they got with Naichau Kamo is being used well. Buono does not sound like the cute trio of girls we loved to hear singing cute songs to a slow and steady beat, which might not make everyone happy, their sound really grew up a lot after the co*no*mi*chi release.

This single is sure to make both H!P and Buono fans happy (there is already many positive reviews on H!O), even I am considering buying it after hearing the preview (links are on the Upcoming Releases page by the way). Let’s not waste more time, here’s the preview (it has the song preview first, then the anime intro after it), feel free to comment!

Guardians 4 – “Omakase ♪ Guardian” Preview

3 04 2009

The new opening for Shugo Chara Doki has just aired some few hours ago, so knowing that I constantly checked the Guardians 4 thread over at H!O, and I managed to download the audio rip, but unfortunately had to wait until the Youtube version appeared. But meanwhile I listened to the audio rip, and there is only two words that could describe it – Shugo Chara.

The song is extremely Shugo Chara, in a sense that it is cutesy, but ignoring that they managed to make it sound really good, and I’m not kidding, I really liked how everyone had a good amount of lines and how the voices really matched (they follow a pattern, Risako->Mitsui->Nakajima->Yurina, not 100% sure about that order though). The start is kind of Shugo Chara remixed, which I really liked a lot, and the chorus was really happy and cute, really great for Yumai and Mitsui who have that kind of character. The end was great, some songs overuse the voice effects but this one had a good amount, with one member (Risako probably, although it sounds like Mitsui) singing in between sound effects.

I am eagerly awaiting the PV, hopefully they bring in Shugo Chara Egg to the PV too, they are mentioned as “supporters” to this group, although I didn’t hear them, they might be singing along in the chorus, but I’m not sure if they are there (although I can’t distinguish the different voices in Shugo Chara Egg, maybe because I don’t listen to them a lot….). I really think it is going to get good reviews, it is almost the same sound as Shugo Chara Egg but with a different lineup and a slight grown up taste to it. Here is the preview of the song, enjoy and feel free to comment: